• 07.07.14
    ne-essex-ccgMany may have heard about super-resistant bugs able to thrive despite antibiotics, the NE Essex CCG has issued advice that will help reduce the problem.

    Antibiotics crisis – we can all do our bit locally

    Patients and doctors together can help keep antibiotics effective.  NHS NE Essex CCG is asking both doctors and patients to support each other locally to do our bit in the battle to keep antibiotics effective for us. The prime minister said:
    If we fail to act, we are looking at an almost unthinkable scenario where antibiotics no longer work and we are cast back into the dark ages of medicine where treatable infections and injuries will kill once again.
    Dr Hasan Chowhan, clinical lead in this area for the CCG said:
    bacteriaWe have known about the growth of resistance for some years, but it is getting rapidly worse.  Research continues to look for more antibiotics to counteract bacteria that cause serious diseases in humans, but many bacteria are becoming more resistant to medicines currently available.  What this means is that now around 5,000 people a year in Britain die because of antibiotic-resistant infection.  If current trends continue, major life-saving surgery will become extremely risky, as post-operative infections may not be treatable.  Even smaller, less serious operations of all types will become hazardous, as the risk of serious, even fatal illness from resulting infections will be too high.  This is a major problem facing all of us and our families.  The prime minister and the Chief Medical Officer are absolutely right to sound the alarm.
    Dr Chowhan is calling on local doctors and patients to support each other:
    We know that in too many cases locally, doctors prescribe antibiotics for patients when it is very unlikely they will do any good.  Coughs, colds and various other usually minor illnesses caused by viruses cannot be cured or even helped by antibiotics.  Indeed often antibiotics will cause other problems for the patient, such as very unpleasant digestive disorders, because the antibiotics kill the stomach and intestinal bacteria that manage our normal digestion.
    Doctors can sometimes play it “safe” by prescribing just in case the patient might be aggrieved and complain if they didn’t.  Sometimes the patient will insist on getting “some pills” or “some antibiotics” as they are sure that will hasten their recovery.  Dr Chowhan and his colleagues in the NHS are appealing to patients to listen carefully to the doctor, and not to insist on antibiotics when it has been explained that these may not help, and may indeed produce harm.  The CCG is working with local doctors to support them to understand where unnecessary prescribing is happening and to reduce it.  We know from the recent “Big Care Debate” that local people in general strongly support any reduction of waste in the NHS. When people take antibiotics that are not necessary, bacteria present can develop resistance.  The more antibiotics that are taken by more people, the more resistance develops and can then spread to others, so that the patient concerned and perhaps other contacts develop resistant bacteria.  The end result being that the next time they are treated, the antibiotics don’t work.  Over-use in farm animals and lax regulation in some other parts of the world are also known contributors to the problem. Dr Chowhan concluded:
    This is one problem where each and every patient, as well as our doctors and nurses and pharmacists, can make a real contribution to the safety and effectiveness of our medicines now and for our families in the future.  The government’s review is good news, but we don’t have to wait for that, we can do our bit now.
  • 06.07.14
    ne-essex-ccgThe NE Essex CCG, which is responsible for planning and buying local healthcare services for the Colchester and Tendring areas of Essex is always keen to obtain feedback from users of NHS Healthcare services in their area.  They are now asking recent parents in North East Essex to help with a local survey about maternity services.  They have issued the following:
    If you or your partner has given birth recently - how was your experience of pregnancy and birthing services? North East Essex MSLC (Maternity Services Liaison Committee) wants to hear from recent parents about their experience of having a baby in Colchester, Clacton or Harwich hospitals or at home. Please help us by responding to the online survey at: ... or go to the news section of the CCG website at www.neessexccg.nhs.uk This news release is issued on behalf of the MSLC, which is made up of local parents and health professionals and advises the local NHS about the care they provide to women, their partners and their babies during pregnancy, birth and in the weeks after the baby’s arrival. Their role is to help the NHS listen to and take account of the views and experiences of people who use their maternity services. The MSLC is hoping for a significant number of responses by the end of July.
  • 03.07.14

    82nd-5-parishesThe main programme and horse show schedule are now available for download from the Show page on this website - click the link : http://goo.gl/gQJkQ6.

    Arena and stall highlights this year inlcude:

    • K9 Quackers, Sheepdog show
    • Colchester Birds of Prey
    • East Anglian Kite Flyers
    • Tendring Dog Agility Display Team
    • Suffolk Punch Trust
    • Annies Fantasies Clog Dancing
    • Colchester Model Aircraft Club
    • Horse Show
    • Exemption Dog Show
    • Colne Endeavour Music Club
    • Horticultural Marquee (Entries on Saturday, 3rd August)
    • Craft Marquee
    • Licensed Bar
    • Food Stalls
  • 30.06.14

    david clarke and gen fretwellPAWS June Report - A Garden Holiday Experience

    Six visitors joined our meeting on Tuesday 24th June when David Clarke came along to entertain us with “A Garden Holiday Experience”.

    He started his talk with a joke relaying a story about a Grand Mother who was looking after her 2 year old Grandson who wanted to go out into the garden.  She was horrified some time later to find him with a slug in his mouth.  Asking him what it tasted like he replied “like worms granny!”  We all laughed and then David went on with his slide show involving gardens in Shropshire and Cheshire.  These included Ashwood Nurseries, Stockton Bury Gardens, Herefordshire, Cruckford House, and Wollerton Old Hall in Shropshire and finished with the Tatton Park Flower Show in Cheshire.  His slides were amazing and made most us of most envious of the wonderful gardens and displays of flowers etc.  David finished how he started, with another joke about a man who went into a flower shop to buy flowers for his wife.  As he didn’t seem to know what he wanted to buy the florist simply said “Tell me what you have done!”

    Another very informative and entertaining evening.

    Our next get together is on 22nd July when we are having our annual social night. This year’s theme is County and Western, so grab your cowboy boots for a spot of line-dancing. Currently membership is full but visitors are very welcome at the cost of £5.00 which includes a light supper and refreshments.  Pre-booking is requested by calling one of the undermentioned.

    Details of all our meetings and speakers can be found on the diary of the home page of the Winstred 100 website.  If you would like further information about P.A.W.S please ring one of the following committee members: Alice Holmes 01206 735510, Jane Banks 01206 735004 or Jane Anderson 01206 735505.

  • 30.06.14
    The local NHS CCG has issued the following news update reporting on the success rate of Colchester General Hospital, which has one of the largest stroke units in the East of England, with stroke patients, admitting over 70% of patients within 4 hours compared to the national average of below 60%:

    Local stroke patients get best care in country, latest figures show

    The quality of stroke care coordinated locally by Colchester Hospital is again in the top two hospital trusts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, according to the Royal College of Physicians (RCP). This makes us the best over the last six months, nowhere else having been in the top two consistently. The RCP clinical audit of stroke patients who were admitted to hospital in the three months from October last year shows Colchester was the second best-performing out of the 175 hospital trusts that admit stroke patients directly for acute stroke care. Dr Shane Gordon, Clinical Chief Officer at NHS NE Essex CCG said:
    This result is a credit to several organisations, including voluntary organisations who work together to provide not only emergency and acute care at the hospital, but also vital recovery care in the community when patients are safe to leave the hospital. Specially-trained nurses from ACE, the NHS community organisation, help patients to recover as much function as they can in the days, weeks and months after a stroke.
    The figures show that whereas on average nationally 58% of people who have had a stroke were admitted to a stroke unit within four hours, in NE Essex it is over 70%.  Perhaps most remarkable is that locally over three-quarters of people are helped by the dedicated Early Discharge Team to get quick, dedicated support to go home or to rehabilitation out of the acute hospital, whereas nationally on average just one quarter of patients are helped in this way. Dr Gordon added:
    These figures are the results of a shared determination to get higher standards of care for our patients resulting in less death, disability and better quality of life. But we are very far from having a perfect service, there is much more we can do together to give stroke patients here even better treatment and recovery. Rapid and thorough treatment and recovery for patients can make all the difference to otherwise more serious outcomes for patients and families.
    Recently published by the RCP, the audit was welcomed by Dr Ramachandran Sivakumar, consultant stroke physician at Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust and its clinical lead for stroke. He said the aim of the comparative information is to improve the quality of stroke care by auditing stroke services against evidence-based standards. Dr Sivakumar said:
    Stroke care is very much teamwork and our success is down to a multidisciplinary approach that involves therapy staff, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and dietitians, besides doctors and nurses. While these figures show we are performing extremely strongly, we are certain we can do even better and that is what we are focusing on.
    Moira Keating, nurse consultant for stroke services, said:
    In my opinion, the entire Colchester stroke team takes ownership of each and every patient and pulls out all the stops to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and achieve their goals.
  • 30.06.14
    The local NHS CCG has issued the following news update following changes to their phlebotomy service intended to increase capacity from 2,900 to 4,600 tests per week:

    New blood tests (phlebotomy) service working well, according to patients

    Comments made by patients, on feedback forms and informally to staff show universal approval of the new expanded and more convenient service in NE Essex. The new service is provided by GP Primary Choice, a new organisation set up jointly by all the GP practices in our area. Around 11,500 blood tests have been carried out in May, but in a month with the full service now operating in all areas we expect that around 17,000 tests will be carried out. Comments on feedback forms include:
    With three children would have found it difficult to go to a local hospital, as we live in a village.
    One woman from Tiptree wrote:
    Brilliant service, if I had to go to Colchester I would need to arrange child care and pay for car parking etc. Excellent service.
    A woman from Colchester wrote:
    Very positive change. Surgery is closer to home and offer an all-round excellent service.
    Of feedback survey responses received so far, asked to rate their experience, 244 people said excellent; 53 good; 6 adequate, and no-one said poor or very poor. * Patients needing a blood test advised by their GP can have their blood taken at their own GP surgery, or by arrangement at any other GP surgery throughout the area. Surgeries normally do blood test five days a week, Mondays to Fridays (please check with staff for times) but of the 40 local GP practices, 1 offers tests 4 days a week and 2 practices offer tests on 3 days per week. Dr Andrew Lennard-Jones, the Medical Director of GP Primary Choice said:
    We have only been running these new services for a few weeks, but already patients are telling us this is much better. Blood tests, taken promptly, are a key tool for diagnosing and treating peoples’ health conditions, and when you consider that there are around 240,000 tests carried out each year in just Colchester and Tendring, then these tests have a major effect on health in the area. We will keep learning from how these services are used, and what patients tell us, so that we can use that experience in designing other health service improvements in future.
    Tests are now more conveniently available for GP-referred patients on the Clacton Hospital site in the Reckitts Lodge building, where blood tests are available from Monday to Friday between 8am and 2pm. This service is provided mainly for patients of East Lynne surgery, though patients from other surgeries can make an appointment or just walk in if that is more convenient. The maximum wait that patients are seeing there is about ten minutes, less for booked appointments. This compares favourably with the queueing that used to sometimes take much longer at the hospital before tests were available at all GP surgeries. For patients at St. James surgery, there is a service provided at Old Road Surgery in Clacton, where again appointments can be made, or patients can walk in. There is a free car park there, and as everywhere this service is available for patients from any other surgery. (Old Road Surgery’s own staff do the tests for their patients). For patients who might need to have a test early in the morning, perhaps because of work commitments, they can book an appointment or walk in at the Mayflower Centre at Harwich (Fryatt) Hospital from 7:00am on Wednesdays and 7:45am 4 days a week, or in Colchester attend the Walk-in Centre in Turner Road from 7am, 5 days a week. Walk in clinics are also being offered at the following GP Practices: Ambrose Avenue 9:30 till 1pm, Tollgate 9:30 till 1pm, Tiptree 8:00 till 10am and Winstree (formerly Stanway) 8:00 till 12pm. Dr Hasan Chowhan, clinical lead for the CCG, said:
    I am delighted that patients are so pleased, particularly with the convenience of the expanded service. I am greatly encouraged at this key example of GPs and all staff at Practices working together to make improvements for patients. It won’t be as easy as that in all our local health services, but it is a powerful example of what can be done together.
Parish Documents

    Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

    A meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council will be held at Salcott Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 8th July 2014.

    Apologies for absence

    Minutes of the last meeting

    Police and Zone Wardens reports

    Borough and County Councillors reports

    Public-Have Your Say:

    Declarations of Interest:

    Items for Discussion

    1.   Playgrounds and Playing Fields

    • Reports on both play areas and fields
    • Progress on work completed and any that needs addressing including rubber clippings for Moss Hay play area.
    • Newly installed equipment on Moss Hay – discussion on signage & matting
    • Discuss what’s required re fencing at Salcott – look before meeting if pos.
    • Decision required: Who and how often will maintain this new equipment?
    • Decision required: What other work needs addressing now?
    • Decision required: Should we do anything now about the overhang on Moss Hay?

    2.    LGBC Warding – Colchester Electoral Review

    • Suggestions for new warding with 51 (in 3s) Borough Councillors for Colchester.
    • Decision required: Agreed suggestion to register for this Parish Council?

    3.    Our Standing Orders and Code of Conduct

    • Update and changes suggested
    • Decisions required: Are we happy to make these amendments/changes?

    4.    Pete Tye Common Footpaths

    • Decision required: Are we taking any action at this time on this?

    5.    Salcott Telephone Box

    • Following the comprehensive contract drawn up for the lease of this box 
    • Decision required: Agreement and signing thereof.

    6.    Broadband Update

    • Update on present and future availability and proposed launch event.

    7.    Pensions – LGPS – Employer Discretions – Policy Statement

    • Decision required: Do we need to take any action on this and if so when and what?

    8.    Salcott Field Road Edge Trees

    • Decision required: What if anything needs doing and by whom?

    9.    Transportation Meeting Report

    10.   CALC Meetings – next one 4th September 2014

    • Decision required: Who is willing to attend these meetings on our behalf?

    11.   Actions and Reminder List updated


    • Thank you from Salcott PCC
    • Thank you from Wigboroughs PCC
    • Essex University Volunteers

    Planning Applications:

    145158   Proposal: Two storey rear extension at South View, Mersea Road, Peldon


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    101776 Business Services at CAS – new equipment on insurance £166.36
    101777 Wicksteed Leisure Ltd. – new equipment on Moss Hay £20,400.00
    101778 R S Pullen – clerk’s salary for July £367.57

    The next meeting will be on Tues 9th September 2014 at 7.30pm at Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough

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