• 02.12.14

    2015-calendarDates for Parish Council Meetings 2015

    The Wintred Hundred Parish Council has announced the dates of its meetings duriug 2015 as below.  Each of these meetings inlcude the opportunity for local electors to raise issues and concerns during a brief 'Have Your Say' section prior to the main agenda items being discussed.

    • Tuesday 13th January  -  Peldon Village Hall,
    • Tuesday 10th February  -  Salcott Village Hall,
    • Tuesday 10th March  -  Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough,
    • Tuesday 14th April  -  Peldon Village Hall,
    • Tuesday 12th May  -  Salcott Village Hall,
    • Tuesday 9th June  -  Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough,
    • Tuesday 14th July  -  Peldon Village Hall,
    • Tuesday 8th September  -  Salcott Village Hall,
    • Tuesday 13th October  -  Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough,
    • Tuesday 10th November  -  Peldon Village Hall,
    • Tuesday 8th December  -  Salcott Village Hall.

    All meetings commence at 7.30pm. unless otherwise stated

  • 28.11.14

    angusangus-and-marjory-culhamNearly 40 members and 8 visitors came along to our November meeting to meet Angus and his Puppy Walker Marjory Culham. Marjory has worked with 23 dogs on behalf of Guide Dogs for the Blind and explained how it all works. Guide Dogs for the Blind are the largest dog breeders with 250 brood bitches. Puppies are weaned at six and half weeks old at the centre in Warwickshire before going to their “Puppy Walkers” who will look after them until they are 12/14 months old before they then go on to full training at Woodford Green where the real work begins. She explained how she taught them to be house trained (busy or big busy being the terms used) and learning to respond to their name as well as learning skills like using stairs, lifts, going to church, shopping etc. It was important that the puppies got used to different environments and noises. There is a 70% success rate in the dogs being trained with some not making the grade and being rehomed with other departments or the general public. She herself has a Labrador who wasn’t successful as a Guide Dog. There were lots of questions at the end as everyone was interested in this wonderful charity.

    There is no meeting in December but we have Christmas Dinner on 9th December at Clarice House in Colchester. So it only remains for the committee to wish all our members and loyal visitors a Merry Christmas and A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

    Our next get together is January 27th when we welcome back our speaker John Lilley “The Storyteller”. Membership is closed but visitors are welcome at a cost of £5.00 which includes refreshments.

    Details of all our meetings and speakers can be found on the diary of the home page of the Winstred 100 website. If you would like further information about P.A.W.S please ring one of the following committee members: Alice Holmes 01206 735510, Jane Banks 01206 735004 or Jane Anderson 01206 735505.

  • 24.11.14

    Invite to New Years Eve Party at Peldon Village Hall

    You are invited to a New Years Eve village party at peldon Village Hall, starting at 8pm on 31st December 2014 and going on until late.

    Host and DJ, MamboMark, will be playing classic, current and traditional dance tunes for all generations.  Celebrate the New Year in a traditional style including a free glass of bubbly at midnight.

    Fancy Dress theme “Twins and Triplets” (optional)

    Light bites including home made canapés and nibbles will be served during the evening

    Licensed bar

    Tickets £15 adults, £5 children (5-16 yrs) in advance from Bob Holmes on 01206 735510 or Jayne Walker on 01206 735418

  • 18.11.14

    P.A.W.S have announced their meeting programme for 2015 offering a range of interesting talks and events as follows:

    • 27th January - Mr. J. Lilley - The Storyteller
    • 24th February - Mr. Chris Farndell - Photography: Crime Scene to Art
    • 24th March - AGM
    • 28th April - Mrs Denise Hammond-Webb - Nathaniel's Story
    • 26th May - Mrs Tina Oldfield - Trek for Life
    • 23rd June - Chris South - Masterclass in Propagation
    • 28th July - July Social - Mad Hatters Tea Part
    • August - No meeting
    • 22nd September - Edward Lubbock & Sue Kidd - Hot Air Ballooning
    • 27th October - Dougal Urquhart - African Medley
    • 24th November - Jackie Marshall-Ward & Marion Panzetta - Women On The Water
    • 8th December - Christmas Celebrations

    If you would like further information about P.A.W.S please ring one of the following committee members: Alice Holmes 01206 735510, Jane Banks 01206 735004 or Jane Anderson 01206 735505.


  • 18.11.14

    ne-essex-ccgNew rehabilitation service to open at Clacton Hospital

    More help is now available for people who need rehabilitation after illness or injury to get back to living at home. A brand new service, the Durban Rehabilitation Centre, has just opened at Clacton Hospital.

    Generally those who need the service will be people over 65, but any adults who may need more time and more support and who do not need nursing care will be welcome. People will be looked after in a bed at the Durban Rehabilitation Centre so they are safe while they work with staff at their own pace to re-gain their skills and abilities to live safely in the community. Some people will need rehabilitation after they have been in hospital at Colchester, but others may be admitted directly from home after a referral by their GP or the new Rapid Assessment Service.

    NHS North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group agreed the project, and colleagues from Essex County Council, our local NHS community service provider Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) and the Clacton Hospital site’s owners have worked rapidly to get the new service ready in time for winter. Their efforts mean the service has opened ahead of schedule – new handrails, doors, practical aids, a kitchen for patients’ use and re-decorating has just been finished, to provide a much brighter, homely look to help people get their physical abilities and their confidence back, after an injury or illness.

    ACE’s trained rehabilitation staff will run the Centre, supported by a GP and ACE’s community nurses. The Centre has 15 beds and will have a minimum of three staff on duty at any time. The Centre will care for people from both the Colchester and Tendring areas, and will run until at least April 2015, when it will be evaluated and compared with other ways of providing similar care, to ensure the NHS can offer the best quality and most efficient service to local people in the future. The unit is very much welcomed as an extra resource over the winter period, when the whole NHS health “system” is traditionally under greatest pressure.

    Lisa Llewelyn, Director of Nursing and Clinical Quality at the CCG said:

    This innovative new unit is a really important service for our community, and shows how joint working across organisations can bring real benefit for local people.  It will offer high-quality rehabilitation to people from Colchester and Tendring who might otherwise face real problems in getting back to good health in their own home. It’s very much part of our drive to help people stay out of acute hospital beds and remain safe in their own home. The improvements to the Durban Centre environment should prove a desirable option for people with these particular needs. It’s always amazing how much detailed effort goes into making a new service work, but each and every person who is helped to get back to a good quality of life makes that all very worthwhile!
  • 04.11.14



    Over 40 members and 4 visitors came along to our October meeting to hear the rather intriguingly named talk given by Mr. Ian Rose of “Leaf Peepers in the White Mountains USA”. Ian told us how some years back he and his wife joined a group of like-minded individuals to visit the States in order to hike the White Mountains in the fall and see the wonderful colours that can only be seen at this time of year. The small group had an excellent guide, Eileen, as even though the trails were marked it was still possible to get lost over such terrain.

    He had a wonderful collection of slides showing the beautiful shades of autumn on the many Sugar Maple Trees and being a keen Mycologist lots of photos of mushrooms and fungi including the deadly death cap mushroom. The first part of their trip was uneventful but following some torrential rain the weather changed to -10o covering everywhere with a snow like substance and making the ascent to Mount Washington impossible. He told us they stayed in accommodation belonging to the Appalachian Mountain Club, they had to bunk sometimes 30 to a room, and the beds were 4 high, and as they were made of timber, and there were no stoves, due to fire risk, so therefore they were unable to have hot food or even a bath for most of the trip!  Sheer bliss when they finally were able to bathe.

    Again, another interesting evening.

    Our next get together is November 25th when our speaker Mrs Culham is going to tell us all about “Guide Dog Puppy Walking”.

    Details of all our meetings and speakers can be found on the diary of the home page of the Winstred 100 website. If you would like further information about P.A.W.S please ring one of the following committee members: Alice Holmes 01206 735510, Jane Banks 01206 735004 or Jane Anderson 01206 735505.
Parish Documents

    Peldon   Great Wigborough   Little Wigborough   Salcott   Virley

    Draft minutes of the meeting of Winstred Hundred Parish Council held at Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough at 7.30pm on Tuesday 9th December 2014

    Present: Charles Dymond (chair), John Walker, Jinny Gail, Phil Gladwin, Nicky Ellis, Rob Surface, Andrew Ellis, Robert Davidson and 3 members of the public

    Apologies for absence: Bob Holmes, Lynne Simmons, Netty Knill-Jones, Kevin Bentley

    Minutes of the last meeting were agreed by all and signed by the chairman

    Police Report – None received other than the weekly report for the whole of Colchester.  The CALC meeting was attended by this and many other disgruntled parish councils where there was a police representative to explain the reasons for withdrawal of attending parish council meetings which, they say, is mainly due to funding cuts and they informed of the new-format meetings held every 8 weeks in 5 various locations around Colchester for the public to attend and express their concerns. Attendance numbers to these meetings will be monitored to establish their worth.

    Zone Wardens Reports – None received

    Borough and County Councillors – The drain cover has been fixed and the ‘No Through Road’ sign is scheduled for repositioning both at Salcott crossroads, and the missing village sign approaching Salcott from D’Arcy has been identified at last and will be reinstated in due course.

    A bad patch of repair work along Mersea Road in Peldon will be reported for improvements.  Other ditch and hedge matters in Peldon and a hedge in Great Wigborough were discussed and further action will be taken.

    Certain enforcement issues in all the villages will be followed up.

    Public-Have Your Say – Enquiries were made for any update on the investigation of speed reduction methods for Lower Road, Peldon which will be followed up.  The rubber strips for monitoring speed were suggested as a start to establish the severity of the problem.

    Declarations of Interest - None 

    1.   Playgrounds and Playing Fields – at Peldon the old bark is in the process of being removed for us by the Community Team in preparation for the rubber to be installed and the signs for the new equipment are being made. We have now taken delivery of new flat swing seats which will be fitted shortly; also further hedge and ditch work will be addressed. At Salcott the new baby swing seat has been fitted and the deteriorating condition of the basketball pad has been noted for probable repair work in the spring/summer. 

    2.   Peldon Hall Houses Hedge – a site visit had taken place and more questions arose as to how this should be tackled so a site meeting will be arranged with Peldon councillors for possible solutions and residents will be invited to attend. 

    3.   Peldon Bus Stops/Shelter/Curbs – a site meeting with ECC Passenger Transportation Officer had taken place and he took on board all our suggestions and requirements to make these bus stops more user-friendly and it is thought that funding will be available. A specification will be drawn up for improvements needed to the brick built shelter to put the work out for tender. Suggested lighting at the bus stops was not thought to be appropriate in this rural village. 

    4.   Abberton Reservoir Rights of Way – a consultation event will take place in Peldon Village Hall on Wednesday 4th February 2015 for two drop-in sessions 4 – 6 pm and 7 – 9 pm for a short presentation, fill in a questionnaire and ask any questions, refreshments will be provided.

    5.   Broadband – Salcott launch event will now be in the spring as winter months are possibly not suitable for some residents.

    6.   Actions and Reminders List – updated including that Salcott telephone box is now added to the parish council insurance policy for a replacement value of £2,000 at a cost of £21.78 per annum.

    Planning Applications
    146240 Proposal: Listed building application for installation of secondary double glazing to 7 no. windows at Sleyes, Church Road, Peldon
    146351 Proposal: Erection of detached two and a half storey dwelling with all habitable accommodation at first and second floor levels at Salcott Cottages, The Street, Salcott
    Planning Decisions
    145967 Proposal: Alteration to rear roof over existing projection forming gable and additional floor nursery/bedroom at Fourways, Barnhall Road, Salcott Approve conditional
    146055 Proposal: Rear extension at Hillside Cottage, Colchester Road, Great Wigborough Approve conditional


    101802 Mrs E Davidson – Moss Hay grass cuts x 8 £360.00
    101803 B & S Chains – cradle swing and bolts £130.33
    101804 Business Services at CAS Ltd - annual insurance £1,056.97
    101805 R S Pullen – December salary £367.57
    101806 Sutcliffe Play – swing seats, chains & shackles £273.82
    101807 Tollesbury (St Mary’s) PCC – mag entries £55.00
    101808 T Simmons – play insp. £30.00


    The next meeting will be on Tues 13th Jan 2015 at 7.30pm at Peldon Village Hall

    Abberton Reservoir Rights of Way

    There will be a consultation event in Peldon Village Hall on Wednesday 4th February 2015 for two drop-in sessions 4 – 6 pm and 7 – 9 pm for a short presentation, fill in a questionnaire and ask any questions, refreshments will be provided. All are welcome to attend.

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